If you have a twisted car frame, we can provide you with the car frame repair that will meet the needs of your car. Our technicians are experienced at fixing and repairing the frames of every car model. It is very important that your frame is straightened properly, because this is crucial for the subsequent functioning of the whole system of your car. All additional parts will not work in the right manner if they are connected to a warped structure. Repairs in the future will not be as efficient as repairs on a perfect frame. So, choose our auto body repair shop and you will not have such problems. Our car experts are experienced and skillful. They have been carrying out car repair services for 20 years.

Valley Auto Body aims to help people with their cars. We realize the need for a professional auto service as no one has the time to do full car maintenance on their own. Furthermore, expert knowledge is most precious and appreciated when you need an auto repair.

Do not start your repair by yourself if you lack the expertise that a professional service like ours can offer you. Choose our dextrous car technicians, who have been repairing cars for over 20 years. Because of their quality work and timely service, our company is the most preferred in our region.

If you have crashed your car, and there is a dent in it that needs to be fixed, choose our collision repair service. We will provide you with a full repair of your vehicle. No one will be able to tell that your car was damaged. Our technicians are masters at replacing and repairing auto body parts. Just come by our auto body shop, and they will tell you what needs to be done. Your case will be handled right away. We do not waste time, our company appreciates our customers’ time. The technicians will also tell you when you can come and take your car back.

Call us at (907) 373-1220, if you need a professional car frame or auto body repair in Wasilla, AK !